Best way to have a fully built out blog with Gem Pages

Part of the reason I am using gem pages is to build out my blog. Ideally, I would have a “blog posts” page that looks nice and is a repository for all my posts.

Then, I’d like to create blog posts using gem pages templates and have them show up in the “blog posts” page.

  1. How can I make the article list page? I don’t see much on the website. It would be great if there was a page template for this.
  2. Is it preferred to create individual blog posts within gempages, or within shopify and use the template created in Gempages?

Hello @wkern74,

Thank you for your interest in making your blog posts with GemPages.

  1. It appears that you are attempting to create a page containing a list of articles belonging to a blog category. To clarify, you should be able to create this page type on your theme within the theme editor. However, if you want to use GemPages for this, you can use the Article List element to display your blog posts on our Landing page . For more information, check out this link: Article List element - Help Center.

  2. Besides, just so you know, GemPages allows users to create individual blog posts only. In case you wish to build one with us, here is the detailed guidance: How to create a blog post - Help Center. Hopefully, it may provide you with the necessary information to make an appealing blog.

If you have any further questions, please let me know