The dynamic checkout button to Instant Landing Pages

The Dynamic Checkout Button has become an extremely important tool for online shoppers, helping to simplify the checkout process and reduce barriers that can prevent customers from completing their purchase. For many people, the presence of a Dynamic Checkout Button on an Instant Landing Page is a crucial element in facilitating an online purchase.

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do you have a date on the update or will the dynamic button be on the Instant Landing Pages ?

Hi @Azur, thank you so much for this suggestion!

In the meantime, I apologize that the Dynamic checkout button is not available within our Instant landing page platform because this feature requires to integrate with the Shopify payment gateways, but I can make sure your idea is transferred to our Development team.

For alternative solution here, we can try to integrate with ‘Buy Now’ button from the specific payment gateway like Paypal Button. For example: Buy Now: Sample HTML button code via Custom Block code

We appreciate your kind understanding yet apologize for the inconvenience. Please do let me know if anything else I can help with.

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